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The music business is in flux. Music increasingly takes place in the internet. New media structures and the possibilities to publish music to the whole world over the web offers undreamed-of chances to merchandise and to popularize the own compositions. Music-bulletin boards, internet-radiostations and communities offers lots of ways to distribute music. The key is the own Internet presence. turtlemusic is a capable partner for the lift-off into the world wide web. Our promotion package comprises the construction of your own website ( for fotos, text, music, contact informations and many more. You'll get also attractive e-Mail addresses ( e.g.). The package contain furthermore the registration on several music - bulletin boards and internet-radiostations.

The best is: In every step you pull the strings. You decide the content, you achieve the property and the authorizations of the website (and domain), you rule the spread and the content of the registrations. You alone have the disposal of what happens long-ranging with your homepage. There is no durable contractual obligation to turtlemusic.

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